World Class Street Art – In Benalla!

Easter Sunday dawned a sunny, warm day beckoning for a drive in the country. We had heard about the street art that was becoming famous in Benalla, just a short drive from home. What we saw was amazing.



Benalla is a small town in North East Victoria with a population of approx. 14000 people.  In 2015 a small group of people came together and formed Benalla Street Art with the aim of bringing Street Artists from around the world to paint murals on bare walls in the city. What they have achieved is amazing and has certainly put Benalla on the map, with one mural being recognized as the 8th best in the world in November 2015.

After enjoying a hot chocolate on the deck at the Benalla Art Gallery overlooking the lake, it was off into town to explore. First up was the possum peering at me, followed just up the road by a contemplative Ned Kelly.

A little further up the road was Lucy Lucy seeming to be doing some form of exercise inside the lolly jar.


On the main street were a few of my favourites, the amount of detail in these was amazing.

Behind the main street on a wall at the back of Marsha Watson’s was this Indigenous Man. If you look closely you can see the reflections in his eyes – extraordinary detail to capture.


Leaving Benalla behind, we took a quick trip out to the Winton Wetlands where artist Guido Van Helten has created an amazing piece of work on an old concrete water tank. The location with dead gum trees all around lends itself to a special feeling and depending on the time of day you visit would have many different moods.


If you are in the Benalla area I would highly recommend you take the time to visit and appreciate the Street Art. The Benalla people are really creating something special in their community.

Where? Benalla is located approx. 200kms from Melbourne just off the Hume Highway in North East Victoria and approx. 45 mins drive from Shepparton.

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  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Wow – this art is truly amazing! Thank you for the beautiful capture and the fantastic photos 🙂

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