Cape Woolamai Walk

Summer 2019/20 had been hot, windy and smoky. Half of the country was burning from fires that were raging out of control devastating the landscape, wildlife and lives. To escape from the heat and smoke we took a trip to Phillip Island in mid January 2020 and while we were there hit the Cape Woolamai walk.Cape Woolamai is the highest point on Phillip Island offering spectacular views of both Phillip Island and the surrounding coastline. Feeling fit we headed out the door of our accommodation in Silverleaves and took the short drive to the Cape Woolamai carpark to begin our 8.3km hike.

Having parked our car in the carpark near the surf club we head for the information signs and take the wooden ramp down to the beach. Striding out we walk along the beach towards a rocky outcrop, backpacks on and water bottles handy on this warm summers morning. Before we reach the end of the beach a timber staircase appears on our left and we ascend it to commence our walk proper.

At the top of the staircase a sign directs us to turn right. There are three different walks on Cape Woolamai and we opted to do a circuit past the Pinnacles, up to the beacon and then back across the Cape through the Woodland track before heading back to the beach. All up our walk was approx. 8.3km.

We head off down the path towards the Pinnacles, stopping occasionally to take in some impressive views along the coastline towards where we started our walk. Soon we reach the Pinnacles, formed 360 million years ago, sea stacks of pink tinged granite rising out of the surf. We stop and take in the views of the coastline and rock formations and use this time to hydrate and reapply sunscreen.

IMG_3458 (2)

After resting up we head off again, ascending toward the Cape Woolamai beacon another 2.05km further on. The ascent is relatively gentle and we reach the summit and the beacon and admire the views back towards San Remo. The Cape Woolamai Beacon is the highest point on Cape Woolamai and Phillip Island at an elevation of 112 metres.

We head off again, pleased to be on a gentle down hill slope enjoying the views across to Phillip Island. We pass the turnoff to the Old Granite Quarry and with the day beginning to warm up decide not to head down that track. Instead we press on, taking the Woodland track across the Cape and enjoying some shade. The track brings us back out on our original track just up from the stairs to the beach. We turn right and walk back to the stairs and descend to the beach and enjoy the walk back to the car. A good hike makes everyone hungry so we pile back into the car and head off to find a feed.

IMG_3474 (2)

Getting to Phillip Island:  From Melbourne by car: Take the Monash Freeway (M1) to the Cranbourne exit, where you will turn into the South Gippsland Highway (M420). Follow this route to the Bass Highway (A420), through Grantville and Bass, then onto the Phillip Island Road (B420) to San Remo, over the bridge onto Phillip Island

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